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UpdatedSaturday July 2, 2022 byLMLL Registrar.

Dear Parents,
As you may know, Larchmont-Mamaroneck Little League, like other local sports programs, is in dire need for more and upgraded sports fields. Unfortunately field maintenance and planning is overseen by the towns/villages of Larchmont and Mamaroneck, putting LMLL and other local leagues — for lack of a better term — at their mercy. The need for improvement isn’t new, as many of you have noted the subpar quality of our fields over the years. We share your concerns, not only for our athletes’ safety, but also because we agree our kids and community deserve high quality recreational spaces.
We write to you today with an opportunity (below) to share your concerns with the local leaders and ask them take action. Please see the message below from the organization “Fields for Kids,” which is working to bring together all the local sports programs to express the need for better recreational facilities in our community.
Fields for Kids has compiled an easy way for you to make your voice heard on this issue, if you are so inclined. Please see below for an email template you can copy/paste and send to our local officials.
Thank you in advance for adding your voice to this important movement in our community.


As many families in our community are aware, there is very limited field space across Larchmont and Mamaroneck to play freely or participate in organized sports for residents of all ages. In order to accommodate the growing need for the mental and physical wellness of our community, it is critical that we maximize all usable space. Today, many of the fields across our municipalities are in terrible condition due to a lack of adequate maintenance and aging infrastructure.  Additionally, current facilities are unable to address the evolving needs of our diverse population.

Now is a critical time to come together as ONE COMMUNITY to improve the access and usability of all field spaces. It is imperative that the Boards of Trustees in The Village of Larchmont, Town of Mamaroneck, and Village of Mamaroneck work in partnership with the Mamaroneck Union Free School District to develop long-term solutions that benefit all residents. The Town of Mamaroneck is currently soliciting feedback for a comprehensive plan and the Village of Larchmont is preparing for Flint Park renovations. It is highly inefficient for these efforts, or any other short-term investments, to move forward in isolation or without communication and accountability to residents.

Immediate, high-impact opportunities could include:

-          Reimagine the contiguous space behind Hommocks school that encompasses Hommocks field (owned by the Town of Mamaroneck), Alma Field (owned by the Village of Larchmont), and the parking lot (owned by Town and MUFSD). This space would benefit the 1000+ Hommocks students, 6000 registrants+ in youth sports, summer campers, and active residents of all ages. 

-          Develop the current baseball field at Mamaroneck High School to be a multi-sport turf field that would be accessible to baseball, soccer, lacrosse, field hockey, and football programs (school and community) year-round

Fields for Kids, a 501c3 made of up residents from across Larchmont and Mamaroneck, is ready to work in partnership with leaders to develop and execute a MASTER PLAN to maximize the use of existing assets.  In 2006, Fields for Kids was developed for this exact situation – the need to advocate for field space in Larchmont Mamaroneck. FFK has successfully led other private/public partnerships with the renovation of Alma Field (2008), Memorial Field/Mamaroneck High School (2010), and Lorenzen Field (2017). We believe that we have broad community support for this tremendous opportunity and look forward to working with, once again, public officials, residents, and youth sports leagues to develop a plan that provides incremental value to all constituents. 

If you agree with the NEED FOR A MASTER PLAN TO IMPROVE FIELD ASSETS, please email community leaders. Cut and paste below or choose your own words. Please cc FFK,, and we will add you to our ongoing communication.



-          Municipalities need to partner with the School District to create a holistic approach to field spaces across the community.

-          All constituents will benefit from and have access to improved assets on school properties.

-          The current conditions are unacceptable. Safety, limited access, and overall quality in comparison to other communities need to be addressed immediately.

-          If leadership can support a Master Plan, funding for plan development, execution and maintenance can be secured by Fields For Kids.



Town of Mamaroneck

Jaine Elkind-Eaney, Abby Katz, Sabrina Fiddelman, Jeffery King, Robin Nichinsky,,,,



Village of Larchmont: 

Lorraine Walsh, Sarah Bauer, Bridget Brennan, Peter Fanelli, Dana Post,,,,


Village of Mamaroneck

Tom Murphy, Nora Lucas, Dan Natchez, Victor Tafur, Lou Young,,,,




Dr. Robert Shaps, Rina Beder, Ariana Cohen, Adrene Smith, Sam Orans, Rob Weisstuch, Sally Cantwell, Amy Nofal, Athena Belsito-Maikish



FFK is in the process of gathering data inclusive of current usage and needs, access guidelines at all fields, financial models and master plans from other communities to order to facilitate informed community involvement. We are building our team and are eager for volunteers who share our passion for this mission. 

For more information on FFK and if you would like to get involved, please visit, email at, and follow us on Instagram at #Fieldsforkids where we will be posting updates.

We look forward to building an exciting future together!


Fields For Kids

Bob Cox, Marino Radovich Co-Presidents

Jon Barter, Michael Kraut, Heather Mahland, Todd Norman, Tom Smith, Ali Tarrant, Tony Zavaglia