UpdatedThursday June 17, 2021 byLMLL Registrar.

Playoffs will start Wed 6/2 for SB Majors and Sat 6/5 for all other competitive Divisions.  All Spring Rec teams make the playoffs.

SB Blue and Majors and BB Seniors will play double-elimination tournaments with a second finals game only if the winning bracket team loses the first finals; BB Green/Blue/Majors/MajorsPlus will play single-elimination tournaments with a best-of-three finals series.

Once seedings are finalized in each Division (click HERE for an explanation of how seedings are determined), games will be posted on the schedule and on Team Websites.  Scroll down for links to brackets/schedules for each Division.

Note that all dates/times/fields are subject to change, both before playoffs start and also because any disruption due to weather, darkness etc can have a ripple effect on the entire schedule.

Home/Away will be determined by seeding (better-seeded team is Home) in all rounds except the finals.  In the finals of double-elimination tournaments, the winning bracket team will be home in the first finals game; in the finals of single-elimination tournaments, the team with the better regular season winning percentage will be the home team in the first finals game (tie breakers: head-to-head record first, then in-conference (AL/NL) record, then coin flip).  Home/Away will be reversed in any subsequent finals games. (Home/Away may not immediately be displayed correctly when teams first advance to next round, as it needs to be manually adjusted.  However, in most cases it should be shown correctly by game day.)

Playoff brackets/schedules (all dates/time subject to change):

BB Seniors live bracket

BB MajorsPlus live bracket

BB Majors live bracket

BB Blue live bracket

BB Green live bracket

SB Majors live bracket

SB Blue live bracket

BB Playoff Rules 2021 youth divisions.pdf
BB Seniors Playoff Rules 2021.pdf