Local Summer Baseball Camps

UpdatedThursday June 10, 2021 byLMLL Registrar.

Looking for a summer baseball camp for your player?  Here are three for your consideration.  Each (other than Alonso) is run by a coach who has been involved with the LMLL program.  However, LMLL is not affiliated with or responsible for any of these camps, and cannot respond to questions about them - please contact the camp directors as shown in their materials with any questions or concerns:

* Coach Pete Summer Camp.  June 28-July 2 at Astor LL Complex in Bronx for players going into 2nd-5th grade.  Click here to download a PDF for more details.

* Blueprint Baseball.  Two one-week sessions Aug 9 & 16 @ Rye Disbrow Park for players going into K-9th grade.  Click here for more details.

* NY Mets Pete Alonso Baseball Camp.  August 10 (one day) from 1030-130 in Wayne, NJ.  For players grades 1-8.  Click here to download a PDF for more details or go to www.PeteAlonsoCamp.com.  Use promo code LMLL to save 10% and have another 10% go to LMLL!!!