Registation still open for divisions below, limited space remaining

UpdatedSaturday July 4, 2020 byLMLL Registrar.

JUNE 26, 2020

I am happy to report that we had a strong registration in many age groups and will be going forward with a Summer Rec season in the following Baseball divisions (grades listed are the grades just completed):

  •  K/1st grade – a hybrid between T-ball and coach-pitch (Gold), appropriate to the players (all K & 1st graders who registered for Baseball or Softball will play here)
  •  2nd/3rd grade – modified player-pitch, similar to BB Green
  •  4th/5th grade – similar to BB Blue/Majors
  •  6th/7th grade – similar to BB Majors Plus

As previously indicated, we will not be offering a division for last year's pre-Ks as social distancing would be nearly impossible with that age group.

As you can see we do not have any Rec Softball divisions, or any Baseball divisions above 7th grade, listed above.  Unfortunately, registration was too light in Rec Softball and in Baseball 8th grade and up to support a stand-alone Summer Rec program. We are exploring other options to get these groups on the field and are sending a separate email to them about potential options.

Here is a rough schedule of what happens next for all the divisions listed above:

  • In next few days, coaches and players will be assigned to teams and notified.  Please do not contact us asking about team assignments, you will be notified when everyone else is.
  • Coaches will be required to attend a mandatory online meeting next week, details to come
  • Monday, July 6 to Friday, July 10 will be devoted to practice and renewing skills.  Coaches for each team will be expected to schedule at least one practice during this time.
  • Games will begin Saturday, July 11 and continue through Sunday, August 16.  Schedules will be published soon after the teams are assigned.  We expect that each team will play approximately twice a week on days/times to be determined, in addition to any practices scheduled by the coaches.  In order to maximize playing opportunities for all, there will be no playoffs - this season is devoted to getting the kids back on the field, renewing/developing their skills, and having fun.

Be well and look forward to seeing you on the field very soon!

Paul Sutter, LMLL President


JUNE 16, 2020

*** NOTE that even if you registered for Spring Rec and were placed on a team, if you want to play Summer Rec you have to register again now, since the Spring Rec season was completely cancelled ***

Dear LMLL Families,

We’re very excited at Governor Cuomo’s recent announcement that youth baseball and softball can resume as of July 6th. We also received an overwhelming positive response to our recent survey about interest from the community to offer a Summer Rec program this year. With these two factors, we’re moving forward with plans to “PLAY BALL!” We know that the kids are excited to reunite with friends and teammates and we’re excited to give them the opportunity to get back on the field.  I apologize in advance for the length of this message, but things are going to move fast now and we need to get a lot of information out to everyone.

As you might assume, this season will be a little different. Safety precautions such as social distancing and masks while not on the field of play, required social distancing when on the sidelines, sanitizing surfaces, equipment and balls throughout the game, etc. will bring some new dynamics to what is required to return. The great news is, once the kids step between the lines, the actual game experience will be relatively unchanged!  Safety of our players, coaches, umpires and spectators is of paramount concern. You can click here for the most current safety guidelines that we will be requiring all LMLL participants to follow, which are largely derived from requirements and guidelines of NY State and Little League International. PLEASE UNDERSTAND that these guidelines are fluid, as the information available from and procedures set forth by the state, Little League International and other trusted organizations are evolving almost daily. We will be updating the guidelines as new information becomes available.

There are a few caveats to how we are going to be able to proceed with a Summer Rec season.  The hope is that with Governor Cuomo’s revised timeline for baseball and softball, the permitting officials in each municipality will allow us to begin the permitting process and will grant us access to sufficient fields to be able to accommodate all interested players – we have already reached out to all of them to get the process started. We also will need enough players at each level to register, but given the response to our survey we don’t expect that to be a problem.  

Lastly but most importantly we will need YOU. LMLL is run by a board of community volunteers and we are working hard to put together this unprecedented summer season. HOWEVER, WE CANNOT DO THIS WITHOUT YOU!  We will need coaches to volunteer and register as soon as possible, as well as parent volunteers at the games to assist the coaches in supervising sanitizing and social distancing enforcement among the players (especially at the younger divisions). Understand that even if we get enough players registered, without sufficient volunteer support, it simply will be impossible to accomplish. This is an “all hands on deck” call to the community to get the kids back on the field. So please register as a coach when you register your child (not only those of you who had volunteered to coach in the Spring, all of whom we hope will also be available this Summer, but also everyone else who possibly can as well – you don’t need to be an expert in baseball/softball, you only need to be enthusiastic and willing to help), or if you cannot coach, please be willing to volunteer to help out your coaches. 

Flexibility will be another necessary key component to pull this off. Games at all levels will be played weekday evenings or weekends at various times throughout the day, and we won’t be able to provide a schedule until shortly before we begin.  As in the Spring, we always seek to have multiple coaches for each team, as we all inevitably have scheduling conflicts, and the more coaches we have, the easier it will be to make sure there are coaches present at each game.

The goal for the Summer season is truly to get the kids back on the field. The chance to hang with their friends, be part of a team, get outside and active, and utilize the great games of baseball and softball to accomplish those things. Healthy competition is part of athletics, and even in a Rec environment, competition presents itself and kids want to win. Understanding that, it’s important to note our main goal for this summer Rec season is to have fun and get some time on the ball field.  It’s likely, due to time constraints and to maximize playing opportunities for all, we will not have a full (if any) playoffs or championships. We will forego All-Star games, trophies will not be handed out, and there will be no team picture… however there will be pitching and catching, hitting and running, stealing and scoring, cheering for your teammates, fielding and throwing. The essence of America’s past time being played in our town, by our children.


Here are some particulars regarding registration.

  • Deadline is midnight on Monday, June 22nd. After this date, participation cannot be guaranteed.
  • If there is a higher than expected turnout that cannot be accommodated (due to lack of coaches, fields, or other possible variables), players will be placed on teams on a first come, first served basis by registration date. So it’s important to sign up as soon as possible.
  • Target date for beginning the season is July 6th (as determined by state and local officials),  and anticipated to run through Sunday August 16th.
  • Divisions will differ from the traditional Gold, Green, Blue, etc. format, although younger divisions will still be more instructional/non-competitive compared to older divisions.  We will be using the player’s grade in most cases to determine placement of players.  Our goal is to create an appropriate experience for each age group, which could include hitting from tees at least to begin with for some of our youngest players.
  • Registration is open to eligible LMLL players who were in K-10th this year (i.e. will be in 1st-11th grades NEXT YEAR).  (Unfortunately, the social distancing and other necessary requirements make it too challenging to try to have a program for younger players this summer.)
  • In order to get the kids playing as soon as possible, the league will be assembling the team rosters. There will be no tryouts and NO DRAFT.
  • There will be a $50 deposit upon registration.  If we are unable to implement a summer program for your child’s grade, the deposit will be refunded in full.
  • The final participation fee for the season cannot be calculated at this time, but in any case, it will be less than the normal Spring Rec fee. This is a big variable that will depend on registration participation, which will determine how many fields we need to permit, umpire fees, field maintenance, amount of sanitizing materials to purchase, etc.   Once determined, the final fee will be charged to your account and be required to be settled promptly for continued participation.  There will be no discounts for players who can only participate for part of the season.
  • We expect that girls who were in K and 1st grade this year (i.e. will be in 1st and 2nd grade next year) will play in the Baseball program this summer unless we have sufficient registration for them to play on their own.
  • As part of registration, you will be required to acknowledge that you, your player, and all other family members will adhere to all LMLL safety guidelines, including relating to COVID-19 and other communicable diseases, that attendance and participation necessarily creates a risk of exposure and infection, and that you will not seek to hold LMLL or any other relevant organization responsible for any such consequences.

NOTE TO TRAVEL PLAYER PARENTS: Unlike Spring Rec season, in which Rec takes priority over Travel, for this summer season, the TRAVEL will take priority over Rec activities. Travel ball can be a 6-day a week commitment in the summer, and we realize that may leave little or no time for Rec. Travel players who elect to play Rec will be distributed as evenly as possible at the appropriate division amongst the teams in that division, and Travel pitchers will not be eligible to pitch in Rec. Therefore, it is NOT a requirement that Summer Travel players also participate in Rec. (This is not to be considered precedent. When we return to a regular Spring Rec schedule next year, Rec will again be the required priority over Travel.)

Thank you for your continued support of LMLL and our community, and please register to play and coach as soon as possible before Tuesday, June 23. (Did we mention we need coaches?)


Paul Sutter

LMLL President