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UpdatedFriday February 19, 2021 byLMLL.

*** PLEASE DO NOT CREATE DUPLICATE ACCOUNTS.  If anyone in your family has previously registered for LMLL since 2012, DO NOT CREATE A NEW FAMILY ACCOUNT, even if you are prompted to do so.  Please only register under your prior account.  If you have an additional player to register who has not registered with us before, you can add a player profile for them in your account and register them from there. ***


Before you click on the Register Online box above, make sure you're registering your child for the right division. Visit our Division Descriptions page for detail and charts illustrating the age and grade considerations for our various Spring Rec T-Ball, Baseball and Softball divisions, both non-competitive and competitive.




LMLL. Spring Rec is open to all children ages 4 (as of December 31, 2020) through 17 (2020 LL Spring Rec ages - Baseball is age at 8/31/21, Softball is age at 12/31/20) who live or attend school within the borders of the:

  • Mamaroneck Union Free school district
  • Rye Neck school district

This includes the:

  • Village of Larchmont (zip code 10538)
  • Village of Mamaroneck (zip code 10543)
  • Unincorporated Area of the Town of Mamaroneck (zip code 10538)
  • Portion of the City of Rye within the Rye Neck Union Free school district (zip code 10580)

KEY 2021 SPRING REC REGISTRATION DATES (see our Calendar page for more info)

2/14, Sun Registration Deadline for Baseball/Softball Draft (Green, Blue, Majors, Majors+) Players registering after this date will incur $30 late fee and cannot be guaranteed placement
X Baseball Draft Tryouts (Green, Blue, Majors, Majors+ - 2nd through 7th graders)  CANCELLED - see Tryouts page
X Softball Draft Tryouts (Blue, Majors) - 3rd through 8th graders CANCELLED - see Tryouts page
X Baseball Seniors Tryouts - 8th-11th graders CANCELLED - see Tryouts page
2/28, Sun Registration Deadline for T-Ball Minors, T-Ball, Baseball/Softball Gold, Baseball Seniors Players registering after this date will incur $30 late fee and cannot be guaranteed placement
3/6, Sat & 3/7, Sun Baseball/Softball Drafts All Green, Blue, Majors, Majors+ Teams Selected; Notifications within a few days
TBD Baseball Seniors Draft Notifications within a few days
4/6, Tue Opening Day Games All Competitive Youth/Draft Divisions
4/10, Sat Opening Day Games All Non-Competitive Divisions, Seniors



Registration Fee (T-Ball/T-Ball Minors) $130
Registration Fee (all Baseball/Softball) $165
Fields Use Fee (a) $60
Total Regular Fee $190/$225
Discount per additional sibling (b) $10
Late Fee (c) $30


(a) There is an additional $60 Fields Use Fee for each player. We are assessed field usage fees by the various municipalities and school districts, and must pass on these extra costs.

(b) There is a $10 "Discount" for each additional player in the family that registers within a single order. The total fee for two players is reduced by $10, three players is reduced by $20, and so on. The "Discount" only applies when you register multiple players at the same time (within a single order).

(c) There is an additional $30 per registration session "Late fee" that applies to all late registrations (2/1 and after for Baseball/Softball Draft (Green, Blue, Majors, Majors+); 3/1 and after for T-Ball Minors, T-Ball, Baseball/Softball Gold, Baseball/Softball Seniors).


2021 Background Checks

2021 Travel Baseball-FALL

2021 Travel Baseball-SUMMER

Registration is closed

This is registration for tryouts for our TRAVEL baseball program, NOT SPRING REC. Spring Rec registration will be opened at a later time. (Register here to tryout for Spring, Summer or Fall Travel.)

2021 Travel Softball-FALL

2021 Travel Softball-SUMMER

Registration is closed

Registration for LMLL Summer Travel Softball. Selected players ONLY, passcode required. This is NOT registration for Softball Spring Rec!

2021 Spring Rec Scoreboard Operators (8th grade and up)

Registration is closed

IF YOU ARE 18 OR OLDER and previously played with LMLL, please make sure you are registering under an ADULT PROFILE, not a child profile, so that you also complete the online background check. If you do not have an adult profile, create a new adult in your account and complete all required information, then use that profile to register. If you are 18 or over and register incorrectly with a child profile, you will be required to re-register.