Free Parking Permit for Harbor Island

Starts Fri, May 24

UpdatedWednesday May 22, 2019 byLMLL Admin.

Starting Friday, May 24, parking fees will be charged for entrance to the Harbor Island parking areas.  However, the Village of Mamaroneck Parks & Rec dept has provided us a special free parking pass for LMLL events.

Anyone with an LMLL event (game or practice) at the Harbor Island interior fields (i.e. Pavilion, Lanza, Gronberg and Cunningham) should print the PARKING PERMIT (click link to download) and display it on your driver’s side dashboard when entering and parking at Harbor Island.   This permit may ONLY be used by LMLL participants for attendance at LMLL events during the specific days/times listed on the permit.

You must PRINT this permit out and display it on your driver’s side dashboard when entering the park and while parked there, or you will be charged or ticketed.  They will not accept displays on a phone or other device, it must a printed paper copy.

Although this is primarily for T-Ball Minors, BB Gold and SB Gold players who have games scheduled at the above fields, it applies to anyone on another team which may use one of the fields above for practice or a rescheduled game.  So please keep this permit in your car in case you need it.  (The parking permit is NOT needed when using Goetze, since parking for that field is on Boston Post Road or one of the other nearby streets, unless you choose to park in the Harbor.)

Please do NOT forward or share this permit to or with anyone else outside of LMLL or use for any other purpose or times.  Abuse could result in the Village being unwilling to extend this privilege to LMLL in future, requiring all our participants to pay full parking fees to drive in to the Harbor.

Thank you.