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LMLL RULES: Know what you're supposed to know. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the League Rules, which can be accessed at the bottom of this page.


Thank you for your interest in coaching this year!. Volunteer coaches are the most important part of Little League, and all our players benefit from our dedicated and committed coaches.

To register, please go to our homepage and click on the Register Online box at the top. To register, you must create an account if you don't already have one (if someone in your family already has an account, log into your family account, and create a New Adult account for yourself under it, set your own Primary Email and Phone Number, then click Save.  You should get an email with a temporary password so you can log in under your own name fron now on.  DO NOT create a new family account!). Then, click on "Apply to Coach/Volunteer," select the relevant person and then choose the appropriate option.  Please submit a separate application for each division you want to coach.  All coaches must be at least 18 and coaches under 21 must have a coach 21 or over on the team.  You must submit a separate coaching registration for EACH team you would like to coach (and in the case of Travel, for each season).  (After your first registration each calendar year, you will only need to do step 3 below for the others.)

As part of the online registration process, you will be required to do all four of the following:

  1. Complete, SIGN and submit a paper LL Volunteer Application. You can access the 2022 application by clicking here (do NOT use applications from prior years).  You can fill it out on the screen, but you must print it out and sign it BY HAND.  All red fields must be completed.  Make sure in particular that you check all the boxes in the middle left area regarding any prior issues.  You will be prompted to provide this application, in the registration process, so you may want to complete it before starting to register.  (If you have already submitted a LL Volunteer Application for another LMLL role for the same calendar year, you will not need to do so again.)
  2. Submit a copy of a government-issued photo IDThe photo ID must show a clear picture, full first and last name, and date of birth.  Minors who do not have a gov photo ID may instead use a copy of their school photo ID, which does not need to show date of birth.  If you have already submitted a Photo ID for another LMLL role for the same calendar year, you will not need to do so again (but you do have to submit even if you submitted in a prior year, despite what the LL Application says).
  3. Complete and submit the online LMLL coach registration application,  You must complete a separate online application for each team you want to coach (and for each season, in the case of Travel teams).
  4. Complete and submit an online background check form before you may be considered for a role or involved in any way with or exposed to kids in the program.  If you have already completed the online background check form for another LMLL role for the same calendar year, you will not need to do so again.

You are not finished registering until you have clicked on the "Complete Order" button and received an email confirmation of your coaching registration(s) and background check submission.  You will be subject to a background check based on the information you provide.  Make sure you have done all FOUR things: (1) complete, sign and submit the LL Volunteer Application, (2) submit a copy of your photo ID, (3) complete the LMLL online registration process and (4) complete the online background check form.

When you register online, you will receive an e-mail reply confirming your registration details. Please note that the e-mail you receive is only a confirmation of receipt of your application. The decision to accept your application as well as coach pairings are made by the League Board upon recommendation of the Division Commissioners. The Division Commissioners will distribute a separate notification promptly after applications are approved and coach groupings have been determined.

Co-Coaching Requests.  The League attempts to honor requests to coach together (especially where applicants have coached together in prior seasons), subject to division-specific limitations on the number of coaches per team. However, the League Board retains the right to deny a coaching application or a requested coach grouping for any reason, including competitive balance, prior coach conduct, and the need to balance the development of new coaches against the desire to maintain a high level of experienced coaches.

Please ensure that coaching partners you are requesting register to coach with you. Contact your intended partners and urge them to complete the application during the registration period. Only coaches who have submitted an application will be considered for a coaching position.


Important DatesMost of the LMLL calendar is relevant to coaches in our Spring Rec divisions.  Please see the full LMLL calendar for all dates, times, locations and other info.  (Note that coaches' children in each Division may be required to attend a specific tryouts session other than for their specific grade for Division Commissioner evaluation.)


2019 RULES & GUIDELINES (see Rules page)


Here are some other important forms/documents you should be familiar with.

Baseball Pitch Count Form

General Safety Policy and Rules

Return to Play Parent Acknowledgement Form



Coaches are at the heart of any Little League. With coaching comes responsibilities: to your players, your fellow coaches, to parents and to the League. Below is a list of your some of your more important responsibilities. Failure to follow any of them will result in your being subject to discipline by L.M.L.L. Please take them seriously, as we do.

1.  Exercise proper behavior towards players, parents, umpires, coaches and League officials.

2.  Consider good sportsmanship and the safety of your players above all else.

3.  Conduct a reasonable number of practices before the season starts and throughout the season.

4.  Read, understand and strictly follow the LMLL. local rules applicable to your Division.

5.  Read the Little League International Playing Rules applicable to your Division.

6.  Educate yourself on how to coach baseball/softball/T-Ball and teach proper skills.

7.  Attend ALL emandatory coaching events.

8.  Report all game scores as directed by LMLL (Green Division and higher).

9.  Return all equipment at the end of the season as directed by LMLL

10.  Submit all player ratings at the end of the season as directed by LMLL (Gold Division and higher).

11.  Remember that the game is for the players.

12.. Comply with all stated policies and procedures of LMLL, including of any league in which your LMLL team participates, and customary terms and conditions for participation in LMLL programs, including all safety guidelines.

Thanks for signing up, and have a fun season!

Be sure to familiarize yourself with the Larchmont Village Ambulance Corps Injury Treatment Guidelines outlined in the document below.

LL Basic Vol App 2022.pdf
LMLL General Safety Policy and Rules - SCOREBOOK VERSION.pdf
LVAC LMLL Training.docx
LMLL Team Website Guidance 3-14-22..pdf