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*** We are fully subscribed for 2022!  If you are interested in a Spring Rec sponsorship for 2023 (next year), please contact sponsors@LMLittleLeague.org***



The L.M.L.L. Board wishes to thank our sponsors for your continued support. Your contribution subsidizes the cost of your team and enables us to improve our facilities with annual maintenance and capital projects like the recent expansion of Lorenzen Park.



When you register to sponsor a team, you will be asked to select the desired Level (see below) and the desired Program (Baseball - primarily boys; Softball - only girls; or Co-Ed - only at the T-Ball and T-Ball Minors divisions; or you can pick Any if you don't have a Program preference).  If you want to sponsor a team you are coaching, we will make sure it is assigned to the correct Division.

Sponsor Level (Divisions)     $300        $400        $500    

MINORS LEVEL (Spring Rec) includes:

  • T-Ball Minors (co-ed grades PreK-K) 
  • T-Ball (co-ed grades K-1)
  • Baseball/Softball Gold (grades 1-2/3)
  • Baseball Green (grades 2-4)
  • Baseball/Softball Blue (grades 3-5)

MAJORS LEVEL (Spring Rec) includes

  • Baseball Majors (grades 4-6)
  • Baseball MajorsPlus (grades 5/6-7)
  • Softball Majors (grades 5-7)

SENIORS LEVEL (Spring Rec) includes

  • Baseball/Softball Seniors (grades 8-10)

See our Divisions Descriptions page for more information on our Spring Rec Divisions.

To register to sponsor a team, go to our main Home Page (from a browser, not on the SSUPlay app) and click on the Register Online banner at the top.  You need to have (or create) a personal account access with your name (you will be able to enter your business information in the actual Sponsor registration process).  Once logged in, click on "Apply to Coach/Volunteer," select the relevant person, click "Register Now," scroll down to the Sponsors section, and click on "Register as a Sponsor."

Questions?  Contact our Sponsors Coordinators at Sponsors@LMLittleLeague.org