Individual Award Winners

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At the end of every Spring rec season, the LMLL honors a handful of individuals who demonstrated the combination of character, commitment and sportsmanship that we encourage all of our players, coaches and umpires to aspire to.


The Daniel Marcus Sportsmanship Awards are presented each spring season to a 7th grade (formerly 12-year-old) player in Baseball Majors or Majors+ and a 12-year-old player in Softball Majors who have demonstrated sportsmanship, teamwork and maturity during their Little League careers. The awards honor the memory of Daniel J. Marcus (1985-1998), a former player in our league. The Daniel Marcus Sportsmanship Awards are the only individual player achievements recognized by LMLL. 


2022 Winners:

Baseball: Parker Philip (download picture)

Softball: Izel Ortiz (download picture)


2021 Wyatt Lonegro Alessandra Zavaglia
2019 Teddy Silverman Maddie Johnson
2018 Steven Sami Liv Tobin
2017 Ethan Felenstein Jordyn Segel
2016 Michael Brown Avani Bhalla
2015 Oliver Rayner Elvira Schougaard
2014 Scott Devore Sylvie Gheewalla
2013 George Boyle Julia Caccavale
2012 Jared Berger Hannah Paul
2011 Spencer Solomon Sabrina Llanos
2010 Michael Haas Isabelle Zucker
2009 Jimmy Bernstein Leah Haviland
2008 Sam Kahn Zoe Schmitt
2007 Daniel Baigel Grace Powell (11)
2006 James O'Connor Gina Landi (11)
2005 Edgar Kiliba Andrea Wurzburger
2004 Jack Spagnola Nina Chiappetta (11)
2003 Andrew Benkwitt Kelly Mancusi
2002 Nicholas Dyson  
2001 Kristofor McRae  
2000 Oswell Smith  



The George Allen Coaching Awards are presented each spring season to a coach in Baseball Majors or Majors+ and a coach in Softball Majors whom have been judged as their respective division’s Coach of the Year, based upon the following criteria:
  • Quality of Little League experience the coach provides to the players on his/her team
  • Development of baseball/softball skills and knowledge
  • Creating a fun experience that helps foster a love for the game
  • Sportsmanship
  • Attitude towards players, parents, umpires and opposing coaches
  • Reliability, responsibility and communication
The awards honor the memory of George Allen (1947-2007), a former coach and dedicated Board member in our league. 


2022 Winners:

Baseball: Mike Autuoro (download pictured left, with George Allen's grandson)

Softball: Adam Golub (download pictured right, with George Allen's grandson)


2021 Sam Riter Bernie Kosakowski
2019 Oscar Fernandez John Schroeder
2018 Rob Moriarty T.A. McKinney
2017 Anthony LeDonne David Seigerman
2016 Ken Karas John Pryor
2015 Robert Gaynor Lorenzo Santoli
2014 Anthony Dunne Michael Roffman
2013 Allan Wolfson Rob Gheewalla
2012 Jim Tamucci Michael Naftolin
2011 David Wahrhaftig Dominic Schmitt
2010 Eric Waldron Tim Cannon
2009 Joey Calvini Phil Johanson



The Stephen Spina Umpiring Award annually recognizes an umpire who best exemplifies the goals and values of Little League:
  • Knowledge of the game
  • A positive attitude towards players, coaches and parents
  • A commitment to fairness
  • A level of dedication and responsibility that extends beyond the playing field
The award honors the memory of LMLL umpire Stephen P. Spina (1971-2007), whose devotion to the league serves as an enduring model for the community. 


2022 Winner: Jonah Baron (baseball) (download picture)


2021 James Devitt (baseball and softball)
2019 David Commender (softball)
2018 John Paul (baseball)
2017 Noah Wolfson (baseball)
2016 Bob Pezzullo (baseball)
2015 Chris Jackson (baseball and softball)
2014 Michael Strumwasser (baseball)
2013 John Muller (baseball) and Matthew Muller (baseball)
2012 Dylan Rose (baseball)
2011 David Adler (baseball)
2010 Robert Valente (baseball)
2009 Jeff Jakob (baseball) and Howie Klein (softball)